Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All tangled up

I made this silly discovery - Zentangles! The site I stumbled upon a few days ago is http://www.zentangle.com/ . I have been trying to do a little everyday, along with all my other bits I try to squeeze in! There are some interesting sites about this technique -Tangle Patterns and Open Seed. Some stuff is pretty good. I've been keeping a little book with patterns. I only have a few so far but after having drawn up 6, I made an attempt at a 'tangle' Well, we had a rousing discussion at Art Journalling class tonight about Zentangles. Pretty funny! Here are some shots of what I am talking about..

It's fun and passes the time when I'm on the phone. Not sure not how long this will last because I got my new sketch book from RedBow tonight. So excited!!!

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