Saturday, June 21, 2014

ICAD update! June 4th thru 19th

I'm still hanging in there with the ICADs. Some days I want to give up but I'm trying to keep on going. It keeping me committed. Below are more ICADS dating from Jun4 to the 19th. I still have yesterdays and todays to do . I just was so busy with work that I wasn't able to make something yesterday but its Saturday so I take do both today.
I didn't follow the prompts so much early on but I started to pay more attention after the Beatles card (bottom right)
I really like the top left card. Well actually I like them all:)

Father's Day was stuck in there and that one was fun to do, particularly the watercolor background. I got a lot of good response on IG and FB for the Toy Camera card, it struck a chord with a lot of people. that was a surprise.

The orange flowers were tricky. I wanted to move away from my micron markers and try some india ink. The paper of the index card is a disaster to work with but I am going to keep trying. Maybe I need to gesso the card. not sure, I've got to test that out.
I hope you like having a look and I'm having a good time doing these. Making art everyday is the cure for a lot of things! Most importantly it get me out of my head.
Happy Saturday!

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Snap said...

All of your cards are wonderful. Your calligraphy is gorgeous so they are always a favorite of mine. Lovely work. It's the 21 day mark and I'm slowing down! Yikes.

denthe said...

love love LOVE these! They're wonderful and would make beautiful prints!