Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Sketches and AEDMs

 I had such a nice week off. I did zero! It was fantastic..
I spent the whole time drawing, painting and working on Etsy stuff.
Today was spent mostly working on my shop. [ I'll post more about that tomorrow or Tuesday.]
Here are some art journal pages I created this week. This one below was my final AEDM for the month. The Gadget page was made on the 29th and my amaryllis page was created on the 30th:


I posted this one a while back but got a chance to finish it up with watercolors this week.

I also decided today that I'd update my banner on my shop. Here are some sketches I made this afternoon , so it's technically, my Sunday Sketch!
Then here is the cleaned up version below:(Blogger gets funny after you put in a couple of photos, it doesn't allow me to up size this art...oh well!)
I wanted to have a banner that was made with my own handlettering rather than a computer generated font. Mostly because I do so much of it. I'm happy with how it turned out but I'm sure I'll change it in the future.
I am still learning about working on  and keeping an Etsy shop.  I have to commend each and every person who maintains a presence there. It's such hard work! I knew it would be that is probably why I procrastinated so long... I am really trying to attack this and tried to upload as much as I can. I felt for a long time that I had to wait for the "right" time , blah, blah...but it's never the perfect time to do almost anything so who was I trying to fool? LOL I have alot more to do but I feel like I'm finally getting started. I have to learn how to make a treasury. I also have to remember to get active on that site at least once a day. I am open to any and all suggestions/comments:)

Speaking of Etsy sites....Please check out Cameron's blog, she is hosting a contest and giving away a  a 50% OFF Coupon Code to use on any ONE item in her shop
All you need to do is leave a comment:) 

Please remember to stop by Blue Chair Diary's blog and have a look at all those participating in Sunday Sketches, I promise you you'll be glad you did!
Have a good week!
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Cameron said...

I just love how your work is so realistic and yet, so whimsical at the same time :)

Frances Traina said...

Thank you Cameron! You made my day!

April Cole said...

Wonderful post...
Love your "gadget" journal page.
The cheese grater really "pops" out at you! :]
Thank you for sharing some of your sketches, of your soon to be new header, for your Etsy shop...
I just love brainstorming ideas, so much fun, right?!
Take care, Fran. ~xx

Cameron said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word....I appreciate it and will of course, throw your name in the hat twice :)

Your lettering is incredible! Your banner looks great!

Serena Lewis said...

I love all your artwork, are so talented! Your banner looks great too. Glad to hear you enjoyed a nice week off. :)


Nice piece of work mate
Merry X-mas in advance ..

Take a look on my work

!! }{appy }{olidays !!

Denise Gilgannon said...

Your work is fresh and beautiful...super talented...thanks for sharing!

Koosje Koene said...

Beautiful journal pages, and I love your new banner! I totally agree with you about Etsy - I'm still all figuring it out too!

Mary Walker Designs said...

I like the way your art celebrates the day to day objects, meals etc

Yvonne said...

Haha, my Etsy shop still exists in name only - and that was before I knew of all the work you're talking about ;) Will make me think twice - again - before I fill it! I'm having such a ruddy hard time getting to everything I'd love to get to as it IS! (and that's before I get beyond the jitters of thinking I might have something to sell. It will be a long time before my Etsy shop opens ;) - and that said, total kudos for everything you're doing, that's absolutely AWESOME and awe-inspiring!)

I LOVE the drawings!! The cheese grater is gorgeous, and us too - we eat it with the nacho chips - much less fuss, and messy in an actually FUN way ;)