Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back with more great mail!

This post is the second part to my mailbox goodies!

I was delighted to have the chance to swap with JennieBellie:)
Her "The Cheats" zine is genius and full of useful drawing
instructions. Jennie had even tucked papers into the zine to draw
 on as well!Then she also sent along some fun cutouts for me
to use too:) I loved her 'Just Magic Door' as well. Its
at the top left of the photo and I plan to use it for journalling.
Oh yeah! Jennie has a fantastic YouTube channel , if you didn't
know already. It full of great tutorials!

This next Zine is a such a fun one as well. Elizabeth
[ Sketchbook Buttons ] was so kind to trade thoughts
with me about zines and swap hers with me too.
Look at these pages, aren't they wonderful? I also love the postcard
she wrote to me on. Its this great drawing of Thanksgiving dinner!
From Sketchbook Buttons

About a week later I received a big envelope from Laura,
her blog is one of my favorites.  I had sent her my zine and
small piece of art. Then I saw her flickr stream andI fell in love
with these paintings of hers and she was so kind to
have sent one that was almost the same!
I have this displayed on the shelf in my office. Love it!

Last but not least, here is a three-ring binder that I have with some
 amazing ATCs I have been lucky enough to swap. I may have posted
a few of them before. I know one of these days I'll have them out of the
sleeves and framed. There is not enough hours in the day! LOL!!

Thanks for letting me show off what I have received.
All this work is fantastic and I am just so delighted to meet
such generous artists through my blog and flickr stream.
It's really amazing!

Have a great day:)) XO

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pauline said...

FRAN!!! So nice to have you back. Good for you for taking a week off (away from the computer). Nothing wrong with that.
These ZINES are fantastic. i really want to find out more about them & perhaps even make one someday. They look like so much fun. I also checked out Laura's blog and love her paintings.
Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, and welcome back! (i missed you..) :-) xoxo

Jennibellie said...

Wow you've had soooo much mail since my last visit lol lucky you, such awesomeness going on!! that sketchbook zine looks uber cool :) I got your package and have your 'beauty' quote up in my studio, thanks so much, much love xxx

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

You are one lucky and super deserving lady! What amazing pieces you have been gifted. I'm starting to fall madly in love with mail art. Just sayin' ;-) xoxo

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

that is fabulous mail ... I am painting and zineing today... which makes it a perfect day really... that Jenniebellie is a clever chicky isn't she... and the other one looks great too... that postcard is kinda awesome... thanks for showing off and sharing with us...xx

Janet said...

Your mailbox has been stuffed with goodies! The zines look so interesting. I'd love to know more about making one.

I, too, have ATCs in a binder like yours. I wish there was some way to display them so I could enjoy looking at them all day.

painted fish studio said...

yay for awesome mail! i'm so excited that you're participating in a zine swap: i love that your work is getting out there and that you're sharing new work with us!

Lynn Richards said...

How fun! And so much beautiful art. I really like your notebook with the ATC's stored in it. Great idea.

April Cole said...

SUPER!! :]
Such a wonderful idea... lovely ATC's
I spy a few created by me!!!!! (heheeheee)
It is so wonderful to see your "mail art". I just love how moving and inspiring this project is... spreading art love, always.