Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Back to the blog... I've been out of the loop. My uncle passed away last week and I have been with family, helping to celebrate my uncle's life. Art and internet have taken a backseat as can be expected. My aunt will sorely miss her sweetheart of 50+ years and I'll be thinking of her today with love.
Today I'm posting more images of the valentine I sent through last week for the swap I participated in. The person's profile indicated that they liked vintage pin-ups. It also said that she liked buntings. So I made a card set with bunting to hang.

The full image of the card
The bunting is shown in this shot :) The images of the girls are so cute. The pocket was made with a paper lunch bag! The bag folds up from the bottom to create front pocket. The edged top also opened up as that is the actual top of the lunch bag. I got the tutorial here, a link was posted by April Cole on her blog. Great timing!

I put the card in the front pocket and the back pocket held the folded bunting.
 Later I'll be searching swap-bot for another swap to join! I encourage anyone interested to try it out!

Speaking of swaps, I've received some terrific from April too!
We did a nice swap which she posted about too! Below are the wonderful ATCs she sent.

 April was so sweet to have sent TWO cards for the one I sent to her! Lucky me! :) 

 My sweetheart had a gorgeous bouquet delivered, and now I have fantastic subject matter to draw and paint. Lucky again :)
I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's day.
If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with.

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Carolyn Dube said...

What a fabulous Valentine swap with not just a card but the bunting too! Sorry to hear about your families loss.

Fran T said...

Thank you Carolyn:)

pauline said...

Fran, so sorry to hear about your uncle...Can't be easy for your aunt to go solo after that much time together. :-( And your cards are soooo lovely. I love the images & the whole "look". Must be so much fun to make. Keep posting, my dear! xoxo

Fran T said...

Thanks Pauline! I will :))

Linda R said...

I am so glad I stopped by to see your lovely cards. Those images are wonderful.. And so are the ATC. I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle.

Hugs, Linda

Fran T said...

thank you so much Linda. And the card was so much fun to make.

April Cole said...

I am very, very... sorry to hear about your Uncle! ((hugs & love))
Times like these, are not easy on anyone in the family, prayers.
Take care dear friend, keep "arting", remember... art heals. <3

Fran T said...

Thank you April ! I will remember that:)

Lorinda said...

A belated but heart-felt hug to you and your family Fran. I hope your aunt is finding her feet on her own after so many years. xxxx

Gwen said...

So sorry to hear your sad news.
The Valentine's day project is full of joy:)

aimee said...

these are just gorgeous! sending a bunch of love to you and your family through this tough time. xo

Aimeslee said...

My condolences for your uncle, Fran. I just subscribed to your blog...love your sketchings and hey, we duncan hinesers gotta stick together (BEST cake mix brand EVUH!)xoxo, Aimeslee

Fran T said...

thanks everyone for the kind words and thoughtful wishes.