Thursday, February 23, 2012

And I thought spring was on the way....

The flowers are in the shops and markets but it feels colder now than it did in December and January!
There are crocuses coming up earlier than I expected. The poor plants are confused:)
I'm a little disappointed that my swap-bot swap didn't go so well. I made my card and sent it but the person who was to send to me never did. Well, its my first time so I will give it another go. I signed up for an ATC swap related to birds. We'll see what happens with that one!

Daffodils -  I used Schminke paints and Arches text laid paper

But on the very bright side I received a wonderful package from Pat. She was so kind to mail me an envelope with goodies. What a nice friend! Thank you Pat you made my week! :)

I got to visit with my neice recently and she is a crafty, creative little artist. Emily and her girlfriend Brenin are so cute. They spend time doing crafts, drawing and such. I showed them the bunting I made for the valentine swap and right away they wanted to make one too! And they did. Unfortunately I left before they did but the girls did show me something that they had made together. At a previous visit, I shared Jenniebellie's YouTube channel and they got to work trying to make a journal. They told me the one they picked was too hard (they are 9 and 7) and instead of giving up came up with some wonderful little things! Just adorable.
the happy couple

bunny and pup
Well thanks goodness its Thursday, the weekend is almost around the corner! Work has been a hectic and this week has lasted for what seems like forever! That always happens when there is a day off in there. I hope to post more, the past few weeks I have been preoccupied running here and there. Take care everyone and hope all is well! Good night:)

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Lynn Richards said...

Fran, the watercolors are lovely!!!!!
p.s. happy almost friday!

Barbara Weeks said...

Love your watercolors! They're are bright spot in this gray Chicago day!

Janet said...

Your flower paintings are lovely.

Fran T said...

Thank you Lynn! happy Friday:))

Fran T said...

Thank you Barbara! i have been to your blog and I really like the art you make!

Fran T said...

Thank you Janet! hope you are doing well:)

April Cole said...

These are such lovely watercolor flower paintings. (sigh) :]
Always a pleasure to visit your blog!
Have a wonderful day, Fran.

Aimeslee said...

Wow, my new friend is an amazing watercolorist! How pretty! You go, Fran! This is especially heartfelt as my next post is going to be all about how badly I suck at watercoloring, LMAO. I'm so glad I can laugh at myself, winkwink.

Thanks for leaving me such sweet comments, too. Have a great weekend! xoxo

Jennibellie said...

Frank you painting skill is just unbelievable, just beautiful! And your nieces definitely have a gold star now, excellent work! I told my mother about the two lovely girls and ever since she's been saying 'I wonder what they made' and now I can show her, too cute, thanks so much for sharing much love xxx

Jennibellie said...

Ps I'm on iPhone- damn autocorrection, I know you're fran, not frank