Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am in love with white Pentel gel pens and colored Sharpie markers these days!

They are fast and fun and about as much as I can deal with at this time. Work is crazy hectic but I can doodle during little breaks in my day..can't I? :D

The smell can knock me out though, I have to say. That Sharpie pen, particularly the thin one, it so strong I have to just stop for a bit to catch my breath!
Hope everyone is having a good week! Sketch away!
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Laura Rivera said...

These look like fun! (I love Sharpies... although you are right about that smell!)

We Three 3 said...

I went to my art journaling class this Tuesday and we used Sharpies in a multitude of colors (Which I was completely clueless about until we went school shopping this year) and it was God-awful smelling!

stephanie levy said...

What a great idea - I love this!!

We Three 3 said...

thank you for saying so, Stephanie!

Kel said...

ah the smell of a sharpie
gives a whole nother meaning to being an art journal addict ;-)

i must get myself a white one