Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glue It Tuesday Jam Jar

That week went fast, boy!
Linking up with Artysville for Glue-It Tuesday once again.
This glue-it is a simple one, but such a favorite subject ;)
such sweet goodness

This week I was able to accomplish a good bit, particularly on the weekend. I created a page in my 'long lost' art journal.  
I made this art journal almost two years ago and was adding to it slowly. However, it got put in a drawer and forgotten. Now it's 'found' and my goal is to complete the rest of the blank pages.

  I was able to complete two felt hearts in hoops which I stitched/embroidered/sequined/beaded. Woohoo! So much fun!

  A nice change up from painting/drawing...a little change is always good for the brain.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your week!
Fran T xo 
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Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

All sorts of artsy goodness!! Lovely pieces, all of them xx

Lynn Fisher said...

Wow, there's just so much going on here today. And I wouldn't think for a moment that you'd have any trouble filling a journal : )
Awesome birdie girl!

Deborah Weber said...

Such a wonderful variety of arty delightfuless!

Tricia @ Daring Hue said...

I love the preserves jar!! :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Really enjoyed seeing your work.
Happy Glue It Tuesday!

Rossie said...

Love all you work :)

Pat said...

That jam jar is simply delicious!

storybeader said...

love the layout progression of your lady. I would say that was the weekend, like the one I had! {:-Deb

Fran Traina said...

Thanks for all the terrific comments!! I appreciate all the visits and kind words!

aimee said...

the jar! the jam jar! we go through vats of that stuff and always save the jars for juice glasses. i love your drawing of it, and oh that found journal!

Karyna @ PaperSquid said...

Hey Fran, I love the drawing and style of the jam jar illustration! Like Aimee, I always save the jars too as juice glasses and have used sharpies on some to paint a pattern....couldn't help it, lol. And your foldout art journal pages look beautiful. :)


girlunwinding said...

Love your illustration and that flip book is already looks grand. You will have a treasure on your hands when it is complete!

April Cole said...

Everything is so beautiful... Love it Fran. ~xx
Felt sweetness, a handmade art journal, and your delicious jam jar. :]

** you are very inspiring **

Gallery Juana said...

beautiful journal pages. I love the happy colors in birdie girl! visiting from glue it tuesday.