Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AEDM Get Back - Nov 5

I miss my house!
I was a bit down earlier today and doodled, sketched, whatever,
this AEDM piece:

 Our 'real' house is up north and it has been months since I have been there.
I can't believe how time passes so fast. C is up there every week for work but comes down to be with us on the weekends.

I miss our rental  house more so now that we're not there. Its been seven days! OK you big mary, get over it and press on. Oh but I like to have a few minutes of the blues ;)

And to add to the crazy, I've signed on for a Pattern a Day challenge this month XD
But RIGHT AFTER I sketched this I got a call that completely made my day, week, month! A friend of mine offered to take Joe and I into their home so that he can attend school [ and I can work off my laptop there]. Her house is right around the corner from ours, yet she has all her utilities, thank goodness! So, now I can go back and forth to check in on the house and take things if I need them, etc. Closer to 'normal'!!!

I will try my best to keep the art and AEDM going. I'll do it as best I can, maybe by phone but I want to keep the challenge going!
Have a great day!

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April Cole said...

This is a challenge, AEDM. GOOD LUCK my friend. ~xx
Also, a pattern a day, looks like a wonderful challenge too.
Love your illustrations, Fran.
Can not wait to see... what you come up with, for your patterns!! I could only image. :]

Tracey Fletcher King said...

being out of home would kind of suck for an extended time and it will be nice to get a step closer if nothing else... maybe just moving closer will mean it all gets back online faster.... crossing fingers it works that way...xx

Cameron said...

Oh Frances....keep your chin and your spirits up...
I love that your art goes with you wherever you go :)