Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Lesson Learned

sketched in my Jill Bliss journal while waiting
Today I spent quite a bit of time in traffic court. What an experience. I am happy to say that I have never had the pleasure and hope this was my first and last time. While waiting they play snippets of filming that gets done at big intersections. It okay for the most part. Nothing gorey but certainly disturbing.

I went in on behalf of my husband's ticket. He received a ticket in error and was ticketed for having an expired parking sticker on his window, down at the parking lot of the train station. I went to Town Hall to correct and was told he shouldn't have gotten that ticket because his permit was still valid.

Mistake number 1, neither one of us actually checked to see what the date said, we just took the officers word on it! doy! After I left I emailed the lady at town hall the copy of the ticket and she was going to mail me a letter. That way I could use that to dispute the ticket via mail.

Mistake number 2, I emailed the woman at the wrong address, never followed up and then never got the letter. So here I am this morning on my way to court because he got a court summons.[ I did this for my guy because he works as a contractor and if he takes a day he doesn't get paid.] I got all my paperwork together, had my proof of valid permit and drive like hell [super genius] to the courthouse.

Mistake number 3, arguing with the judge about a $15 fee that I felt was unjustified. I was a victim of the police officer's mistake! Bottom line, it's pretty much futile. I left paying a $15 clerical fee, ended up using gas to drive back and forth [$], and then took half day off work[$].

When I got in the car I started to laugh because a small part of this is my own doing and part was something I had not control over! I started the drawing above while waiting at the courthouse. Then colored it in this evening. This pretty much sums up the experience.

I am proud though because I truly feel that my meditating is helping me deal with my anger alot better. Its been a week and so helpful. I mean I did get mad but I got over it much, much sooner that I would have even a week ago. That is progress! I can sorta kinda really feel what it means to  'let it go' ...well for the most part... I would LOVE the day that it doesn't bother me so much so that I wouldn't even post about it.LOL! But for now, I got to chew your ear off a litttle:) Thanks for that.

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pauline said...

oh Fran, sorry to hear about your crap day in court!! You handled it like a PRO. The whole bit about meditating on it & sketching in the courtroom & laughing about it in the car. Fabulous! That's what it's all about, isn't it? Not losing yourself in the process.
Your sketch is beautiful. You're really good at lettering. I caught up on a few of your past posts too... so impressive. I'll visit again soon. xoxo

We Three 3 said...

Aw thanks Pauline, you're so kind. And Yep, that's what its all about. If I could remember that 24/7 ALL the time that would be great! and probably will happen on my last day on earth :))

Pat said...

This is such good advice and a wonderful doodle too. I'm glad you were able to use some of that court time productively. Maybe there's such a thing as doodle therapy. :)

We Three 3 said...

Thank you Pat! Yes, doodle therapy is something we could all engage in:) And not just talk-on-the-telephone doodling, but some serious stuff! have a great day:)

Ann said...

What an ordeal! I would be more than a little irritated after all of that. Good that you got a sketch in though! I really like your breakfast sketch in the previous post too!

Lorinda said...

Nicely done!! Pro indeed :-)

April Cole said...

((sigh)) Nothing like spending your day in traffic court, yet you made the best of it!
That takes character... love it! :]
And... what a beautiful sketch. Not too bad of a day, after all.(LOL)
Take care.

Carolyn Dube said...

I hate when that happens (the traffic court mix up and result) Love how you used it to make your art!! Congrats on the meditation. I know it helps me tons.