Saturday, October 15, 2011

It Started With a Paper Swap

I recently signed up for a paperswap and I was paired up with a super nice lady. When we emailed one another for our addresses, we asked each other if they wanted something special, that perhaps the other couldn't get in their own country. She lives in Poland and said that she really wanted mailing tags and elastic thread. So I went to Staples and found these cool tags. I have to say that I have seen alot of crafty tags made in the past but never really thought about using them. Well I bought a big package and will send half to my new friend and I'm keeping the others. So now I have fifty tags. So I got to work trying them out :)

So I went to Michaels and for $1 a piece I bought these fantastic Studio G chalks.

I had so much fun the other night making these tags. I make my own stamps from Speedy Carve Blocks . I'll use an Xacto blade or a lino cutter to cut out the design and I keep them all in a handy Ikea cannister. I stamped three tags so far and will work on more this weekend. I have to get more of these chalks...just because. The colors are so bright and addicting!

So I hope to have some more sisters for these three coming soon. I want to work on tags for Christmas gifts. That is going to be so much fun to do and what great way for me to de-stress after a long week.

Give it a try, its not too expensive and you have these little canvases that allow you create a small work of art:) VoilĂ !

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patience said...

i love this! i just did a package pal swap with someone in a different country and we had a fun time figuring out what candies each of us ad or didn't have. i wish she's been a crafter like me then we could have really had some fun!

We Three 3 said...

I know, and i am not all that much into papers but its alot of fun. I used to scrap alot a few years ago but now I am mostly into painting and watercolor journalling. I have ALOT of paper to get rid of , I just don't need it back, LOL!
I am pretty new to the swapping, there must be loads going on out there!

Anonymous said...

I need to make some stamps myself! It's such a great idea. SO many projects and nowhere near enough time! Lol!

We Three 3 said...

I hear you! My days are so full with work and family that late nights (If i even get that far)is when I work:)
Stamps are so fun and fast to do...easy for me to say