Saturday, June 11, 2011

Most of May and a Little June

Wow, I am behind on the blogging, huh? I have been doing LOTS of painting and wanted to catch up here. I've been reading alot online and checking others blogs. There is so much good stuff out there! As I said I have been painting quite a bit and started using some gouache which I have never really done before. I have painted using watercolors for so many years and this was a real eye opener. I really love it! I did this painting of the poppies after I read an issue of Martha Stewart's Living magazine that had the theme of poppies for the month. I think it was the May issue. All those poppies were inspiring. I've also worked on some dogwood flowers that I got from my neighbor's tree. These dogwood blooms were lovely and lasted for days in my vase. Both of these are gouache as well.

I'm also working in multiple sketch books at once :) Keeps me moving . Here are some sketches from my art journal. Used my Microns and watercolor. I adore those Microns so much. 005 and 01 are my fav right now. The right hand side of the page below was that day's lunch.

The vase and daffodil page was one of the last page of my journal! I've got a fresh new one I'm onto now.

I've got more to post. Will post again soon:) Must go to sleep now.
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