Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sketching and Art Journaling

I can't believe its almost the end of January! And I last post in November. I have to get back to posting! I always say I'll try and do stuff and then I don't do it. But I am not going to get discouraged and I am going to just do my best. I got a new Moleskine and it took me like three weeks to put a pen to it because it was so new and clean and perfect.
Oh, the precious-ness...haha! well I got to sketching in it last night, and now it's old news ;) I got a nice floral arrangement at church on Sunday and I had so much fun painting and drawing the flowers. I kept them so long they are starting to stink, like dying flowers do. It's probably the green foam actually. I enjoy using the micron pens. Black and white drawings appeal to me. I love them and then on the other hand I am wondering what they would look like in full color or even just a little hint of color.

Then I painted the arrangement with watercolor too.

I've also been busy journalling at class and I am embracing collage more and more. I enjoy it and am more relaxed with it. I am keeping busy with that class and selling cards at the local gift shop. We'll see what comes of that. I'll have to post those cards soon.

here is a sketch of our hall upstairs. We have a little bench and got comfy and started drawing that door, isn't it a great door? This house is so old...1861!

and of course some fashion drawings my first love. When I was about 13 or 14 my mother brought home a pattern catalog (like Butterick or Simplicity) and a copied all the illustrations in that book, I had so much fun. Then when I got a little older I loved looking at Vogue or Mademoiselle and drawing off the photos and advertisements from those magazines.
I love doing the small little fast renderings too at the bottom. I havent' done this in such a long time, what a great exercise!!
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painted fish studio said...

i love peeking in your journals! :)

We Three 3 said...

Thanks Jen. Finally got a few things up on Etsy:) Some ACEOs but it is a start! Take care, Fran