Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some New Cards and Sunday News

I made up some additional Valentine's Day cards (and one thank you). I have a nice LOVE stamp that I used a couple of different times. The flower I used in the green thank you card is from Stampin' Up that I bought from Barbara/Marji. This is a great way to wind down and get creative with quick results.

Valentine's Day cards

Thank You card

I am going to start painting again. I just joined the South Lake Art League ( so I'll need to start getting out the brushes again. There is going to be a photography show at the League this week and I'll be helping with hanging the show. The woman arranging that told me that there were quite a bit of entries. So, I am looking forward to seeing the photos that are entered.

South Lake Art League

After church today Joey and I went to the farmers market with Hope, Rick and the kids. We stopped in at Sugar Mama's Sweet Shop. Boy, they have such delicious cupcakes. I took home a Key Lime cupcake. Joey and the girls ate theirs right there. I hope they have great success, their treats are so good! Later, Joey and I went and picked up his friend Tony and I took the two of them to the lake. Joey and Tony have such a great time together and Tony is such a nice kid, I am so glad Joey has such a good friend in him.

Downtown Farmer's Market

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