Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drawing lots

Lately I am interested in this type of drawing/sketching/illustrating. It works for me, de-stresses me when I'm doing it. Its really enjoyable to create.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

water soluble pastel

My Orange Crush

Well I tried out some water-soluble pastels tonight during studio time and I think I found a new fun tool! I bought wax pastel a few weeks back but didn't get to try it out so I brought that tonight as well as trying out the studio's wax pastel. The sticks are great and i had a really nice time creating and chatting. As it should be:) The page below was lots of fun. I started it a few sessions back in July. The back is gouache with stamped images with silver ink. I added the pastel tonight. I like how it came out. I have a fixation with triangles lately. Its all good::

Dreams of Epcot, lol

And of course I have to do my swirly swirls! I am in that groove too these days. Its my way of just de-stressing.

Green Waters