Monday, March 22, 2010


I love this book and am half way thru. I started yesterday and if I didn't have to work I'd have finished it today. I really enjoy this story and the way its written.

(^^here's the book, Ma^^)

How cute is that photo on the front? Gosh, Paul loved Julia!! AND the movie was awesome! Its all about a girl, a blog and a cook book.

Amy Adams is great and Meryl Streep is amazing. Alot of fun! Bon Appetit!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A desk to work at and a table to eat at...

Got my desk and our dining table yesterday!! Carl and I dropped Joe at Grandma's so that they can work on their 'project' together and we went furniture hunting. I think we went thru Centereach six times. Something that Carl wasn't thrilled about..LOL!! It is so nice being able to eat at a normal table. We were using our game table as a dining table and it was just not the same. We got the desk at Furnikit in Holbrook. Its twice the size of the desk I am working on now. Still have to build it but Carl and Joe are out visiting friends now and the desk can wait, for sure. The weather has been amazingly gorgeous and we all need to be out in it rather than inside building.