Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tea lovers

We have surely become addicted to tea and all of its trappings! I received a Teavana gift card at Christmas from my best friend and we are hooked. Well, my son and I. My husband will join us but he still loves his morning coffee. Now that we are almost through that tea, we went to Harney and Sons and stocked up. I got a subtle blueberry green tea and Joe got a much stronger Gunpowder Green tea. I also got some Earl Grey, my favorite. 
I hope this Sunday is good to us all and you are having a great day!
Fran xo

Friday, February 19, 2016


I've fallen off the blog wagon for a bit... I'm back though! I recently participated in a tag swap that was held by a FB group I feeling to. I mailed my tag this week and eagerly anticipated the tag coming my way:)) this is part of the rabbit I don't want to show it entirely until my partner receives it.
I've been posting lots on Instagram and lately I've been leaning towards flowers as you can see ;)

Hoping for spring while drawing these daffodils!

I used a white gel pen for the one below. I have this small Fabriano book with all different color pages and I love using this white pen on the darker colored pages!
Have a great day!